Via Del Lavoro, 6 25030 Castelcovati (Brescia) Italy

Our Services

Services for breeders

We offer to our customers cutting-edge services and technologies to keep up with market needs

Technical consulting

Supporting the customer in the formulation of customized rations and feeds to satisfy every single need is the focus of our food technicians. We try to maximize the use of company products with the inclusion of commodities and cereals on the basis of market trends to optimize the cost / benefit ratio.

Commercial consulting

Providing farmers with a vision of the cereals and commodities market both in the short and long term is a constant in our work. On the basis of a continuous market analysis, we identify and suggest the ideal time to stipulate ad hoc contracts aimed at fixing the price of the products by stabilizing the company costs, maximizing the company economy, sheltering from sudden changes in the market, and guaranteeing safe and constant amounts throughout the year.


Thanks to our wide storage area for supplies we guarantee deliveries and feed production even in difficult times.


High quality for ingoing/outgoing commodities and feed is a basic priority for us. We’re strongly committed to producing top quality zootechnical feed.

Quality is always monitored thanks to our cutting edge laboratory.


Logistics is one of our main assets. Our own fleet and our partnership with a number of forwarding agents guarantee fast delivery time in all northern Italy.


Activated in 2021 and constantly evolving, our e-commerce service enables breeders to directly manage orders and supplies in advance.