Via Del Lavoro, 6 25030 Castelcovati (Brescia) Italy


  • 1945

    Building of the first mill

  • Pellegrino Zambuto founds the company

  • Giuseppe, son of Pellegrino, and his wife Giuliana join the company

  • The first commercial settlement of the company

  • The current production-commercial center sees the start of cereals and commodities trading

  • Roberta and Michela, daughters of Giuseppe and Giuliana, join the company. Building of the production and milling plant

  • Enlargement of the storage area. Building of a cutting edge laboratory

  • Enlargement and updating of feed production plant

  • Enlargement of the original plant: new array of silos and new storage area

  • Going digital 4.0: replacement of machinery and technological interconnection to optimize production and logistics

  • B2B: from order to production, just in one click

  • Building and informatic updating with office restoration, new trucks in the fleet and new software installation